Introducing Spirulina for your Health Benefits

Being a specific seller on Spirulina products,  Spirulina-supplier is a highly recognized worldwide seller of a miscellany of bulk spirulina capsules manufacturer, Blue-green algae powder. We concentrate on the agro-based culture of productivity and mainly deliver an organic form of products that could benefit and also have an immense effect on disease and disease causing agent. We almost concentrate on most parts of Asia, United States, Canada, and few other countries. We manufacture and export them as per requirement. Wholesale spirulina supplies are widely spread in all parts of the world. In spite, we are recognized as the best exporter of spirulina products all over the world.

Being highly trusted by our customers we try to maintain the trust that we have gained in all the years. Hence we provide genuine and organic products that could probably have greater results on consumers and their health. This highly organic product can be consumed in any form and we assure to provide them in the way that consumers need them.

We highly focus on satisfying customers. The production department concentrates on high quality of the product and makes sure that it is not disturbed at any cause.

Changes Spirulina has made

Helps in losing weight

Help carry off HIV/AIDS

Keeps Skin Healthy

Fights Liver Disease

Powered with Antioxidants

We concentrate on the following Products


Spirulina which is also called the blue-green algae is considerably converted in the form of a powder which can be apparently consumed with water on daily basis. The powder is helpful in relieving constipation problems.


Inspected by a group of experts, we do provide excellent and assured products to our customers.  Spirulina capsules help in maintaining sugar levels and is an excellent dietary supplement for aged person.


Spirulina tablets are used as dietary as well as whole food. Products are tested under the supervision of experts and dispatched. we make sure that we manufacture the only organic form of the product.

Health Benefits on consuming Blue-green Algae supplement

  • The common source of nutrient that is consumed from ancient times is the Spirulina. Raw spirulina is not considerably to be used rather it is converted to a powder, tablets, and capsules and then consumed.
  • Spirulina is rich in protein, iron, vitamin and nutrients. it has GL Acid which helps in easy digestion and removes wastes from the pancreas.
  • Being a single source of a natural vital nutrient can efficiently handle nutrient imbalance in your body.
  • To your notice spirulina is 100% natural and free of side effects.

Health Improving Aspects of Spirulina

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Composition of Spirulina

The algae are rich in plant protein, that is around 50%- 70% of weight. this is a good source of plant protein.
Spirulina consists of b-carotene, B1, B2, B4, B12 and E. it is specifically good in vitamin B12. four grams of spirulina is highly enough for B12.
The blue-green algae is a source of iron which has 25 times rich iron than wheat. it is also rich in magnesium and calcium.

Improve your level of Confidence with Good physic

Spirulina is a supplementary food which is rich in Protein vitamin and minerals that can be consumed as a whole food.
This can also improve your immune system and provide better results on your health issues.

Think Spirulina! Save Health

Spirulina is now available in the form of powder, tablets and capsules. It is easy consumable and available at cheaper rates. This could help you maintain a good health avoiding getting your immune system healthier at cheaper rates.

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